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Science and technology matter.

They affect how we understand our world, our societies, our economies, our bodies, and our minds. They affect how we think, what we believe and how we act. Science and technology matter so much, in fact, that many take them to be the defining institutions of the Modern world. And with each passing day, the impact of science and technology grows.

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News & Upcoming Events

Prof Giuseppe Testa will be holding a workshop on his double life in science and STS on May 13

Prof Giuseppe Testa will be lecturing on scaling in biology and politics at the colloquium on May 11

Dr Lior Galernter will lecture on wikipedia at the colloquium on April 6

Benny Daon will be speaking about the workshop for public knowledge at the colloquium on March 23

Dr Nicholas John will lecture on sharing in the digital age at the colloquium on January 5

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