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Science and technology matter.

They affect how we understand our world, our societies, our economies, our bodies, and our minds. They affect how we think, what we believe and how we act. Science and technology matter so much, in fact, that many take them to be the defining institutions of the Modern world. And with each passing day, the impact of science and technology grows.

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News & Upcoming Events

Prof. Orly Shenker of Hebrew University, on Non-Reductive Physicalism

 On Sunday, January 10, Prof. Orly Shenker of the Hebrew University will speak on “The Mystery of Non-Reductive Physicalism.”  The lecture will be in Hebrew, and will begin at 18:00, at the STS Students’ Center on campus.  Further information:  Following is an abstract of the talk:

it is a prevalent view that the special sciences are not reducible to physics, and are in this sense autonomous, despite the fact that the world is fundamentally physical. This idea, called non reductive physicalism, takes it that the properties of the special sciences (such as biology or psychology) are realized by physical properties, but are not identical with them. In this lecture I shall focuses on the mysterious nature of this view and argue that it is a form of dualism.


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Happy New Year to All!

STS@BIU Colloquium * Dr. Boaz Miller, Bar Ilan & Ben Gurion Universities, "Social Studies of Knowledge on the Internet", Sunday, Nov. 22, 18:00, STS Students' Center, Bar Ilan

STS Colloquium * Dr. Anat Ben David, The Open University, "What Does the Internet Remember of its Erased Past", Sunday, Nov. 8, STS Students' Center

 The lecture will take place in the Student Center of the Program on Science, Technology & Society, which is marked with a red arrow on this map.

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