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Anat E. Leibler


Dr. Leibler specializes in the study of quantification and focuses on the constitutive relationships between statistical and demographic practices and the social and political order. This general theme includes several projects: 

Ethnicity - In this project she inquires the origins of the binary ethnic categorization of the Jewish society in Israel - western versus eastern Jews. 

Globalizing Numbers - This project focuses on the globalization of statistical standards since the beginning of the twentieth century until the 1950's. More specifically, it deals with the interconnectivity between Canada and Israel in the domain of economic statistics, and the international expansion of National Income measurements after the Second World War. 

Population Management - The third project is on demographic practices of the state in order to increase its surveillance and social sorting of political minorities such as Palestinians. As part of this project she also participated in the workshop of  The Surveillance Project, Queen's University, Canada.

Prior to joining the STS Program, Bar Ilan University, Anat Leibler pursued her doctoral studies at the Science Studies and Sociology Program, UCSD. In Her dissertation she conducted a comparative-historical research on the emergence of national statistics in Canada and Israel while contextualizing it in nation-state building processes. Her advisors were Theodore Porter (UCLA) and Nancy Cartwright (UCSD and LSE). Among the awards she received are two fellowships of the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Lady Davis Post Doctoral fellowship, The Hebrew University. She taught at various academic institutions in Israel such as: The Hebrew University, Tel Aviv University, the Open University and the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Academic College.


- Sociological Foundations of Science and Technology Studies
- Selected Topics in Science and Technology Studies 
- Objectivity and Quantification in Science and Society
- Powers of Science; Powers of State