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Erela Ben-Shahar

Erela Ben-Shahar

I am a health journalist for Menta, the health and lifestyle magazine of Yedioth Ahronont and my articles are being published regularly on Ynet. My career as a health journalist have started after my children have grown up and I was afraid they could read my stuff. Before that I was writing a personal column about motherhood in Lihiot Horim and articles about parenthood and women in magazines like Laisha, At and more.

As a journalist I am mostly interested in writing about the way drugs, diets and diagnoses shape our daily lives and the opposite – how lay people and their daily life change the way medical information is being shaped.


My academic research focuses on the history women's magazine diet and workout column-guides in Israel and the way they interact with ideology and politics.


I have a BA (Cum Laude) in Philosophy and Psychology and an MA  (Cum Laude)  in Philosophy. I have published a novel "Forever For the Time Being".

Here are a few of her articles that were published online (Hebrew): 

Link 1 Link 2 Link 3

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