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Anat Ben-David

Anat Ben-David is a senior lecturer in the department of Sociology, Political Science and Communication and head of the Open Media and Information Lab at the Open University of Israel. Focusing on new media, her primary research interests are history and geopolitics of the Web, critical studies of social media, and digital and computational methods for Web research. 


Anat is an alumna of the STS program at Bar-Ilan University, where she is currently teaching a course on Digital STS.


Latest publications: (Full list)


Barzilay, Arianne & Ben-David, Anat (2017) "Platform Inequality: Gender in the Gig-Economy​," Seton Hall Law Review: Vol. 47(2), Issue 2.


Ben-David, A., Amram, A., & R. Bekkerman. (2016). The colors of the national Web: Visual data analysis of the historical Yugoslav Web domain. International Journal on Digital Libraries, DOI: 10.0007/s00799-016-0202-6.


Ben-David, A. (2016). What does the Web Remember of its Deleted Past? An Archival Reconstruction of the Former Yugoslav Top Level Domain. New Media  & Society, 18(7), 1103–1119.


Ben-David, A., & Matamoros Fernandez, A. (2016). Hate Speech and Covert Discrimination on Social Media: Monitoring the Facebook Pages of Extreme-Right Political Parties in Spain. International Journal of  Communication, 10(7). 

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