Ph.D. candidate in Science, Technology and Society at Bar-Ilan University


Research title – Happiness in Demand: The Co-production of Happy People, Happy Organizations and Happy States (Estimated end of 2018) – Instructors Prof. Noah Efron (Bar Ilan), Prof. Natasha Dow Schull (NYU)


Master Equivalent Thesis title – Making up Happy People – Instructors, Prof. Noah Efron, Dr. Boaz Miller


M.A Columbia University, New York

Organizational Psychology – joint studies with the business school, focus on Change and Consultation and Group Dynamics

B.A Bar Ilan University

Psychology and Comparative Literature

Seminar paper – Organizational Culture as a Key Motivator was published in Taasia venihul and Human Resources (Local professional magazines)

Teaching experience

Teaching Assistant - IDC - ''Policy for Progress and Quality of Life,'' third year BA core course at the Government and Sustainability Program, Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy.


Work Experience


VP Human Resources, Organizational Consultant, Start up founder infrastructure consultant

Scientific Consultant: Barry Schwartz (2015). Why We Work. TEDBooks serious, Yediot Aharonot Publishing (English to Hebrew)

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3/2017– Workshop: Therapeutic Culture and Development (Sheffield, UK)

3/2017 – A world to Win Conference @ the Erasmus Happiness Week (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

4/2017 – Forthcoming – the Annual meeting of the Israeli Society for History and Philosophy of Science (Tel Aviv)


8/2016 – 4S (Barcelona, Spain)

3/2016 – Love’s Archives workshop (Bournemouth, UK)


11/2015 – 4S (Denver, USA)