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I am a graduate student in the Science, Technology and Society program. Since 2015 I work for Sikkuy, a Jewish-Arab NGO promoting civic equality and partnership, where I am co-director of the Shared Society department and founder of its project for Arab representation in the Media. Formally I was a journalist at Haaretz and deputy director of UNIK, a Tel Aviv media consultancy firm, focusing on civil society and political campaigns. 

I teach Media and Social change at Ben Gurion University (formally also at IDC Herzliya) and occasionally I like to write op-eds and articles for "Haaretz" and "the 7the eye". Before that I used to blog and co-founded the late "Café Gibraltar" magazine. 

My main academic and professional interest is the intersection between mass media and social change movements. I mostly write about minority media representations, media accountability and the social implications of the disinformation and media literacy crisis.

I live in Herzliya with my partner Ardith and our beloved children Neomi and Yair. During the rest of the time I'm an avid long distance runner and Uruguayan football fan.

M.A. in Latin American History, Tel Aviv University
B.Sc. in Computer Science and B.A. in History, Tel Aviv University 

Articles and OpEds:
Haaretz (Hebrew) -
Haaretz (English) -
The 7th Eye -עידן-רינג

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