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Program chair

Evolutionary theory, History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences, Scientific Biography, Myth and Science, Altruism

Noah Efron

Religion and Science, Religion and Technology, Politics of Technology, Politics of Environment and Environmentalism, Sumero-Akkadian cuneiform tablets, History of Israeli Science and Technology, Zionism, Science and Technology

Social Studies of Science, Activism by Numbers, Ethnic Categorization, Globalizing Indicators, Census and Population Management, Science and State

Boaz Tamir

Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computation, Computational Sociology, Econophysics, History of Computers, Quantum Mechanics, Philosophy of Science

Critical Theory, History of Capitalism, History and Philosophy of Economics, Visual Media, Consumer Culture, Psychoanalysis, Gender Economy

Israel Belfer

History of Science & Ideas, The Information Age, Transitions and Revolutions, Talmudic Logic, Scientific and Conceptual Trading Zones, Jewish Philosophy and Mysticism

Ido Hartogsohn

Psychedelics, Placebo, Set and Setting, Media Addiction, History of Psychiatry, Media Ecology, Techno-Utopias

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Adjunct faculty

Raz Chen-Morris

Nadav Davidovitch

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Affiliate faculty

Associate Professor and head of the Philosophy Department, Bar-Ilan University

Associate Professor, Philosophy Department, Bar-Ilan University

Full Professor, Faculty of Law, Bar-Ilan University

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Emeritus Faculty

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