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Oren Harman

Evolutionary theory, History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences, Scientific Biography, Myth and Science, Altruism

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Noah Efron

Religion and Science, Religion and Technology, Politics of Technology, Politics of Environment and Environmentalism, Sumero-Akkadian cuneiform tablets, History of Israeli Science and Technology, Zionism, Science and Technology

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Israel Belfer

History of Science & Ideas, The Information Age, Transitions and Revolutions, Talmudic Logic, Scientific and Conceptual Trading Zones, Jewish Philosophy and Mysticism

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Noam Yuran

Critical Theory, History of Capitalism, History and Philosophy of Economics, Visual Media, Consumer Culture, Psychoanalysis, Gender Economy

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Boaz Tamir

Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computation, Computational Sociology, Econophysics, History of Computers, Quantum Mechanics, Philosophy of Science

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Ido Hartogsohn

Psychedelics, Placebo, Set and Setting, Media Addiction, History of Psychiatry, Media Ecology, Techno-Utopias

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Ilia Stambler

Longevity and Quality of Life, aging and longevity research

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Denisa Kera

Philosophy, Design, public engagement in emerging science and technology issues

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