Ido Hartogsohn is a sociologist and historian of technology and media. His work explores the shaping of media in its various cultural and social contexts and focuses primarily on psychoactive technologies as well on digital media. Hartogsohn writes a popular (Hebrew) blog about technology and mysticism, and has published in various Israeli and International newspapers and magazines such as Haaretz, Maariv, Ynet and Odyssey. He has also made multiple appearances in Israeli and Internatioal media, covering drug research and policy issues.


Hartogsohn's PhD dissertation The Social Construction of LSD: How Set and Setting Shaped the American Psychedelic Experience 1950-1970 explored the ways in which the social and cultural conditions of mid-twentieth century American society have shaped the hallucinogenic drug research at the time, and the reception of psychedelics into the general American society. His book Technomystica: Consciousness in a Technological Age (Hebrew) was published in 2009.


Notable Publications:

Hartogsohn, Ido. “Constructing Drug Effects: A History of Set and Setting.” Drug Science, Policy and Law 3 (January 1, 2017): doi:10.1177/2050324516683325. (Published online ahead of print)


Hartogsohn, Ido. “Set and Setting, Psychedelics and the Placebo Response: An Extra-Pharmacological Perspective on Psychopharmacology.” Journal of Psychopharmacology 30, no. 12 (December 1, 2016): 1259–67. 


Hartogsohn, Ido. “Psychedelics in the Palliative Care of Terminally Ill Cancer Patients.” In Psychooncology edited by, Varsha Dutta. Delhi: Narosa Publishing. 2016.


Hartogsohn, Ido. "The Psychedelic Posthuman." In Posthumanism. Edited by Amichai Shalev. Haifa: Pardes publishing house. 2016. (Hebrew).


Hartogsohn, Ido. “Technology and Man.” In Education: The Human Questions, edited by Yeshayahu Tadmor and Amir Freimann, 194–206. Tel Aviv: Mofet Institute. 2015. (Hebrew)


Hartogsohn, Ido. “Psychedelic Society Revisited: On Reducing Valves, Reality Tunnels and The Question of Psychedelic Culture.” Psychedelic Press 2015, no. IV (August 2015): 83–99


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