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My main interest lies in the way we observe and understand natural phenomena. I researched the way Goethe worked in science, and the philosophy of phenomenology. I am currently working on a PhD. thesis on the contribution of Joshua Margolin to the advancement of natural sciences in Israel under the British Mandate, 1917-1947. 

In the last 20 years I am mostly into teaching the natural sciences to children, youth and teacher students, and instructing field trips and observations in natural phenomena. My first degree is from The Hebrew University, Faculty of Agriculture, from 1984. I finished my second degree in Haifa University in 2009. My thesis title was: "Trust, Organizational Learning, and Distributed Leadership as Predictors of Student Achievement: A Time-lagged Investigation".

I've published a book: The Science Question – science teaching in the Waldorf education, and translated Theodor Schwenk "Sensitive Chaos – The Creation of Flowing Forms in Water and Air" into Hebrew.  

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