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Offer Ben Horin

Offer Ben Horin holds a BA degree with honors in the combined department of natural and social sciences from Bar-Ilan University and a MA degree in education from the University of Haifa. In the past he studied computer programming and working with ABAP language in the SAP environment. Offer has written two books (Published in English and Hebrew)- the first is a reference book in the field of MRI physics ("MRI - The Comprehensive Manual - Medicine and Physics Join Forces" - and the second is a reference book in the field of therapeutic writing ("Write Yourself From the Beginning"). In his profession today, he conducted research related to MRI/fMRI in particular and medical imaging in general and is a well-known science communicator (editor-in-chief of Science News website-, which summarizes recent research and reviews reference books and biography).

He is the father of four children - two daughters and two sons and his hobbies are learning and reading about science, computer games involving history and culture (such as Assassin's Creed), building aircraft models and sports.

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