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Interuniversity PhD Program in

History and Philosophy of Biology


The newly launched Interuniversity PhD Program in History and Philosophy of Biology invites applications from excellent candidates. The program is geared towards candidates with training in history or philosophy of biology and/or those with relevant training in science. The program is run jointly between Tel Aviv University, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Bar Ilan University. It is generously supported by The Humanities Fund of the Council for Higher Education and the Yad Hanadiv foundation.


The program allows students to acquire a broad acquaintance with the history and philosophy of the life sciences, and aims to train the next generation of scholars in the field. We welcome applicants whose work shows the potential for social and cultural impact.


In addition to traditional courses and seminars, the program will hold a supervised writing seminar, an annual retreat and other special activities. The program will also aid graduates in regards to placement, both in academia and in other positions.


During the current enrollment period we are especially interested in applicants who want to work on issues related to explanation, systems biology, and evolution of morality. We encourage students interested in these topics to apply, but all topics related to history and philosophy of biology are welcome.

Goals and Program Structure

Goals and Structure

In order to enter the research phase of the program, students will have to complete introductory courses, or pass a general examination, in general biology, in the philosophy of biology and in the history of genetics and evolution in the 19-20th centuries. Students must also meet a distribution requirement. Courses will be given at the participating universities (full details will be found in the relevant university’s course catalog). Subject to these constraints, students will enjoy freedom to choose among a variety of courses, as best suits their research project.

Applications and admittance


Candidates will be registered in one of the participating universities and subject to its rules and regulations. Candidates are requested to submit the following materials:

1. A current CV.

2. Transcripts from all degrees taken.

3. Statement of purpose, detailing the candidate’s intended       research (up to two pages).

4. Two letters of recommendation, to be sent directly to the program.

5. A writing sample.


Applications will be considered on a rolling basis, beginning May 15, 2017.

Please send the aforementioned materials to:


Inquiries may also be sent to this address.



Admitted students will receive 4 years of full funding. No teaching required.

Program faculty

Program Faculty
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