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April 28: Healthy Longevity Promotion: Multidisciplinary Perspectives / Dr. Ilia Stambler, Bar Ilan

With aging representing a major healthcare and general social problem, and biomedical research driving to provide solutions to ameliorate it, there is a need to inform and engage the academic community, decision makers and the broad public regarding the state of research on aging and lifespan extension, its facilitation and its social and economic implications. To address this task, it is necessary to explore the interdisciplinary interrelation of scientific, social and normative implications of biomedical aging and longevity research and development (R&D). Despite the broadness of the field, the issues involved can be categorized according to: 1) Scientific and technological feasibility, evaluating R&D directions, entities and programs active in the field; 2) Ethical, individual, and social desirability of the results of such R&D, including issues of accessibility, resources and regulation policy; 3) Possible scenarios, strategic foresight and normative regulatory suggestions for research and public health policy, building on and synthesizing the first 2 groups. This presentation will briefly outline all three main groups of questions, in their historical and contemporary aspects.

יום א', 28 באפריל, 18:00, בית הסטודנט, בניין 502 חדר 43, אוניברסיטת בר-אילן

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