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24 Oct Colloquium - Eyal Gruss, Art Must Be Generated

abstract: In 1974, Israeli poet David Avidan prophesied that "computer codes will be the authors of the transcripts of the future, and we shall be the guiding-mind and the approving-eye". Developments in generative deep-learning methods of the past year, including GPT-3, Maxine, DALL-E and CLIP, may mark the onset of such an era, where creators will communicate ideas rather than media. I will discuss the use case of AI for augmenting and empowering human creativity and expressivity, and explore social and moral aspect of synthetic media.


Eyal Gruss is a poet, new-media artist and machine learning researcher. He holds a PhD in physics, and is an IDF Talpiyot graduate. Eyal creates interactive installations, computer generated art, constrained and algorithmic poetry, audio-visual performances, AI art and online interventions. Eyal teaches computational creativity and creates tools to make state-of-the-art techniques more accessible to artists, educators and the public.

Sunday, Oct 24, 18:00


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