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December 20: Creationism, in America & Beyond: An Informal Conversation with Prof. Ron Numbers

Prof. Ron Numbers is author or editor of twenty-nine books and eighty-odd scholarly essays about science and medicine, and the varieties of ways they have met with theology and religious practice in the United States. He has long been our leading student of creationism in America - his book The Creationists remains the canonical history of the movement, and his ten-volume anthology of documents, Creationism in Twentieth-Century America is an indispensable resource. In recent years, Prof. Numbers has expanded his inquiry to Creationist movements around the world. Prof. Numbers has been an editor of Isis, President of the History of Science Society, and President of the International Union of History & Philosophy of Science, Division of History of Science and Technology. Join us for a discussion with one of the most creative, important and ensorcelling historians of our age, about Creationism around the world, and about a lifetime spent studying it.

Sunday, December 20, 18:00.

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