Sinai Rusinek

Sinai Rusinek teaches Digital Humanities courses at the University of Bar-Ilan University and at the BSc program for Digital Humanities at Haifa University. She is the founder of “Ruach Digitalit” (Digital Humanities Israel) and coordinates the project DESIR-DARIAH on behalf of the Younes and Soraya Nazarian Library at the University of Haifa.  Sinai is management committee member of COST Action IS1310 Reassembling the Republic of Letters, serves on the interim executive council of CENTERNET, the international network of digital humanities centers, and served on the program committee of DH2016. She recently won for the second time in a row the Pelagios resource development grant for the project “Kima: Towards a Hebrew Historical Gazetteer” in which she is leading a team in making Geographical toponyms used throughout Jewish history into an open, linked data resource and tool.


Sinai received her PhD in Philosophy from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her dissertation, titled "Criticus, Kritikos: History of the Concepts of the Critic and Criticism to 1600," dealt with the way these concepts functioned in various contexts and discourses from antiquity to Early Modernity, and with how they changed and were formed through these uses. In 2010-2015 she was postdoctoral fellow of the Polosnky Academy at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute where she engaged in the history of the early modern concept of envy, as well as with the history of paratext and the use of computational methods for the study of the history of paratextuality. She has been editor and editor in chief of the Journal Contributions to the History of Concepts 2010-2016, currently in its board of editors, and is also member of the board of the Concepta International Research School for the History of Concepts.