Meet Our Students

Ravit is a graduate student in the STS program, and is the founder of social platform. Originally, she began her career in the Pharmaceutical industry (Teva), and since then has been working for over a decade as a strategic & growth consultant with various companies in the fields of energy, defense, cyber security, AI, ML, pharmaceuticals and materials research.

Offer Ben Horin holds a BA degree with honors in the combined department of natural and social sciences from Bar-Ilan University and a MA degree in education from the University of Haifa. In the past he studied computer programming and working with ABAP language in the SAP environment. ​

I am an M.A student and am interested mostly in economics. My previous work in journalism made me curious about the ways in which the media narrates stories about success and failure, and of fortune and spiritual journeys. I also hold a B.A in Philosophy and the Interdisciplinary Program in Humanities from Tel Aviv University.

Yogev is a consultant, writer, and a lifelong student.  During the last few years, Yogev was living and working in Shenzhen, the "Silicon Valley of China". Yogev is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and possesses a substantive knowledge about China. He writes articles for leading newspapers in Israel, among them a cover story on Haaretz magazine.     

Dr. Kobi (Yaakov) Lavie is an M.Sc. student at the STS graduate program at BIU. He earned his B.Sc. from Tel Aviv University’s Life Sciences Faculty and also completed part of a B.Sc. program in Psychology at the Open University of Israel. He continued to M.Sc. studies in biology at the Technion and Ph.D. studies in cell biology at the Weizmann Institute of Science. He conducted Postdoctoral Research at the University of Michigan, in neuroscience, and at Saint-Johns Hospital in California, focusing on the biology of cancer cells [...]

I am a graduate student in the Science, Technology and Society program. Since 2015 I work for Sikkuy, a Jewish-Arab NGO promoting civic equality and partnership, where I am co-director of the Shared Society department and founder of its project for Arab representation in the Media. Formally I was a journalist at Haaretz and deputy director of UNIK, a Tel Aviv media consultancy firm, focusing on civil society and political campaigns. 

Dekkel is in her first year of the STS Master's program. Dedicating her studies and career to research focusing on Paralympic Sport, her research will focus on the use of science and technology to enhance athletic performance in Paralympic sports. Dekkel has worked in athletic development for the Canadian Paralympic Committee and as a data analyst, ambassador, educator, and project manager for Aruba's National Paralympic Team. Currently working as an Assistant Researcher with the Israeli Paralympic Committee, she aims to combine her passions for Paralympic sports, research, science, and technology during her time in the STS program. 

Linor Eliav is a Ph.D. student at the graduate program in science, technology, and society at Bar-Ilan University. Linor has recently ended a long career as an organizational consultant at IDF in a variety of units in the field and headquarters. She is an expert in leadership development, strategic consulting, organization development, and assessment. She is one of the leaders of She Shark – the program of leadership development of technological women in IDF and Israel.

Rotem is a graduate student in the Science, Technology and Society program. She holds a B.A. in History and Philosophy. 

Eliav Gutman is a PhD student at Science Technology and Society at Bar-Ilan. He holds a BA in media studies from Sapir Academic College, and a MA in sociology and anthropology from Ben Gurion University.

Noa Turgeman is a PhD student at the graduate program in science, technology and society in Bar Ilan University. Noa is the Fulbright Israel's Deputy Director for Programs. She was a Program Director at the Israeli Green Building Council and before that held executive and development positions at the San Francisco Jewish Federation and at Lehrhaus Judaica in Berkeley California. Noa lives in Tel Aviv with her partner and three children, leading an urban life. She is an avid fan of Japanese culture and art, an amateur photographer, and rides her bicycle to work everyday.

Michal is a graduate student in the Science, Technology and Society program. She holds a BA in Mathematics and Cognitive Studies from Tel Aviv University.  Michal has been involved in the software industry for many years, previously in the Israeli army and today in the financial sector. She lives in Shoham, is married to Sagi and is the mother of Gali, Omri and Shachar. Michal loves to learn and is especially interested in the complex relations between society and technology, especially in Israeli society

A PPE (Philosophy, Political Science and Economy) undergraduate from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Deeply intrigued by the ways technology influences society and its members. In particular, the ways by which the combination of media and technology effects our choices, ambitions and lifelong aspirations.

​Besides studying at the STS program at BIU, Shay is a senior project manager at the global information and research firm ADKIT. In the framework of his position he conduct researches dealing, among others, with the variety of aspects in which technology and innovation are implemented in various sectors and industries.

Limor Amrani

Limor is a PhD student at Bar Ilan University. She is interested in the interactions between the human and the natural world. 

Limor holds a MA from the Hebrew University in the discipline of environmental management and planning where her research topic revolved around about the environmental hydrological aspects during the settlement at the Mandatory period (hydrology ,naturality and human aspects). 

Limor holds another MA from Tel Aviv University in discipline of labor studies. She researched the relationship between the trade union and proletariat at the mandatory period in Israel’s history. 

Limor has more than 15 years experience in Business development and management consulting with special expertise in family corporate companies.

Sivan Assor



A PhD student at the graduate program in science, technology and society. Itamar fascinated with the simple – yet still not that common – idea that our society is not only "ours", i.e. – humans, but composed of human as well as non-human entities. Most notably Itamar is interested with the moments or incidents that this fact reveals: when the human and non-human clashes, collides, and change one another.

Apart from my studies Itamar is also a political activist, and take part in struggles and campaigns for equality and workers rights, social justice, peace and LGBT rights.     


MA in Cultural Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. My thesis

BA in Philosophy and in Sociology and Anthropology, Tel Aviv University

Dan Bareket

Dan Bareket is a a researcher and data scientist at OMILAB - Open Media and Information Lab at the Open University of Israel. Dan does research on Hebrew Natural Language Programming at the ONLP Lab at BIU. Dan leads a volunteer group working on improving and challenging the discourse around Israel's public transit at the Public Knowledge Workshop. Dan's interests lay mostly in the crossroads of data, machine learning, statistics, consciousness, language, society and politics. Dan grows a sourdough, plays with Buddhist meditation, bakes bread and pickles pickles. ​


1. MA- Sociology

2. MBA 

3. MA - STS

My hobby is wood carving

Avivit Dolev

Avivit Dolev is a PhD student at the Science, Technology and Society program at Bar-Ilan. 

Avivit works with children and youth as a school psychologist in a private clinic. She specializes in depression and anxiety disorders. She has also worked as an economic counsellor for small

businesses and beforehand worked almost a decade as a computer programmer and

system analyst. 

Avivit received her Master of Science (MSc) from the Faculty of education in Science and Technology at the Technion. Her thesis focused on facilitating and deterring factors regarding integration of study and work among students.

She also holds an MA in Social-Occupational-Organizational psychology from Ariel university, BA in

Psychology from Haifa university, and a BA in Management and Economy from the Academic College of Tel Aviv Yaffo .

Nir Eliav main interest lies in the way we observe and understand natural phenomena. Nir researched the way Goethe worked in science, and the philosophy of phenomenology. Nir is currently working on a PhD. thesis on the contribution of Joshua Margolin to the advancement of natural sciences in Israel under the British Mandate, 1917-1947. 

In the last 20 years Nir is mostly into teaching the natural sciences to children, youth and teacher students, and instructing field trips and observations in natural phenomena. Nir first degree is from The Hebrew University, Faculty of Agriculture, from 1984. Nir finished his second degree in Haifa University in 2009. Nir's thesis title was: "Trust, Organizational Learning, and Distributed Leadership as Predictors of Student Achievement: A Time-lagged Investigation".

As a graduate of Media Studies in Sapir College (Cum Laude), Yahav is interested in psychedelics as a medium, constructed as any other technology. Part of this construction is the formation of local knowledge regarding safe and beneficial use, mainly revolving around harm reduction initiatives at festivals, in which she is both a volunteer and a researcher. Founder of the Israel chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy and of Toda'a Raba, the first Psychedelic Podcast in Hebrew. Her day job is Community Manager of Koolulam, a social musical initiative centered around mass singing events in an effort to unite people around music.

Anat Fanti is a Ph.D. candidate in Science, Technology and Society at Bar-Ilan University

Her research title – Happiness in Demand: The Co-production of Happy People, Happy Organizations and Happy States 

Formerly, Anat was a VP Human Resources, Organizational Consultant, Start up founder infrastructure consultant



M.A Columbia University, New York in Organizational Psychology – joint studies with the business school, focus on Change and Consultation and Group Dynamics

B.A Bar Ilan University in psychology and Comparative Literature

The dissertation Ori is writing is formulated in the discourse of mainstream social epistemology and is situated at the intersections of philosophy of science, analytic philosophy of technology, traditional epistemology, and STS.

Michal Frenkel is a PhD student in the STS program and working on the ethnography of Big data.



  • M.A  Organizational Sociology in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Haifa

  • B.A Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Haifa

Ariel Galil (Galula) was always very curios about science and philosophy of the natural world and the Human mind. Ariel also liked to play and tinker with technology, mostly computers, smartphones and internet platforms.


In the last decade Ariel teaching Science and Technology in mid-school and Biology high-school and the founder and the maintainer of שעלבִּיו, a website for students and קהילת סימביוזה in Facebook, a group for creating collaborations between teachers, scientists and science-writers to work together. 

Chen Goldstein

A B.Sc. in biology and MBA graduate from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Chen is interested in exploring new economic models that lead to a “sustainable prosperity” of life on earth by re-examining the concept of economical growth through an “ecosystem view” combined with a return to the philosophical origins of the economics profession. 


In his other life, Chen is a strategic consultant for healthcare and biotech startups, helping them mold their identity on the way to developing life changing innovation.


Jonathan is a M.A. student. He has a B.Sc. in biology and philosophy from Tel Aviv University. His main academic interests currently are biopolitics, military-society relations and how technology is reshaping journalism and the media.

Ronit Halstuch



Nigmeh Kadan have a BA in natural science from the open university, and MA in "biological thought" philosophy and history of biology. Her main interest is researching the attitude of religions towards the Darwinian theory of evolution and islam in particular.

Omer Kidron

Omer Kidron is the head of Technical InfoSec Section at Government of Israel, also Omer is a technical project manager and team leader in the field of computer and information security. Specialties: projects management, system-wide view and analasys, software design​

Omer has working experience in the following fields: Security, Information Security, System Architecture, Software Design, Computer and Network Security



Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Cyber/Electronic Operations and Warfare, 2016, Bar-Ilan University

M.A., History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas, 2004 - 2009, Tel Aviv University

B.Sc., Mathematics and Computer Science, 1999 - 2002, Bar Ilan University

Meir Klein is a PhD candidate at BIU-STS, where he previously completed his M.A. thesis. His research examines issues of science and religion from a biographic perspective, focusing on how prominent rabbinic figures construct the discourse and meet philosophical and social challenges. Between 2013-2015 Meir has co-founded and coordinated alongside Dr. Rachel Pear (an STS alumnus) a young researchers' forum on science and religion at the Van Leer Jerusalem institute. Together with Dr. Dov Berger (another graduate of our program), Rachel and Meir run an initiative aimed to bring into awareness the multifaceted Jewish response to Darwinian Evolution. Meir lives in Tekoa, Gush Etzion with his wife Leah and their 6 kids. 

Anat Koren

Anat Koren is an MA student in the Program in Science, Technology and Society. She has 17 years of experience working as a manager in the field of human resources and organizational development in global high tech corporations.

As part of her role she is constantly occupied with the question of the impact of technologies in the workplace and the role of knowledge in shaping managing the challenges of technological change. She is interested in interrogating the types of capabilities which will need to appear in order to keep pace with shifting technological realities.

Academic background:

MA in  Sociology, Specializing in Organizational Behavior , Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

BA in Sociology  Anthropology and International Relations, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Or Kupferberg



Tzipy Lazar-Shoef is a social-science researcher at OMILAB- The Open Media and Information Lab at the Open University of Israel, Where she take part in Big-Data Research and computational sociology in the subject of political discourse analysis. Tzipy also work at The Israeli Democracy Institute as a member of The Guttman Center for Public Opinion and Policy Research.

Tzipy's research interests include Sociology of Knowledge, web archives, discourse analysis and computational methodologies.


Tzipy's a Sociology and Anthropology graduate from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, and a Sociology, political science and international relationships undergraduate degree (summa cum laude) is from The Open University of Israel.

Nofar Lupo

Nofar Lupo is an academic development director at global university systems (GUS) and a PhD candidate in the STS program at BIU.

Nofar specializes in developing educational programs in IT-related fields, such as AI, Cybersecurity and Data Science, for academic institutes around the world.  

Nofar received her BSc in Psychology from the University of Derby and her M.A in Investigative Criminology from BIU. Her thesis focuses on malicious hackers'self-definition through their crimes.

Awigail Mayer

Awigail Mayer holds a Master of Science degree in Industrial Design from The Technical University of Delft.

The topic of her thesis was the  optimization of the production of a drainage tube using finite element method. Awigail holds a second Master’s degree in Art therapy from Haifa University. 

She has worked in several different fields ranging from interior design, illustrations and currently art therapy. She is interested in the meeting point of art, therapy and technology, intrigued by how they influence each other, how they  can be integrated and what the boundaries are of each discipline.

Inbar Mimar is a PhD student with main interest in ICT in Education. Inbar is engaging in alternative education methods and have extensive experience in the field of special education.



M.A. from Bar-Ilan University - School of Education, Curriculum Development, with Honors.

B.A & Teaching Diploma from Tel-Aviv University - Special Education, Sociology and Anthropology

Noa completed her BA in Communications and Management from the College of Management and pursued her master’s degree in Interactive telecommunications at NYU. After years of working in the industry in creating interactive content, including the development of games and original interactive content for HBO, Noa returned to Israel and started working for Noga Communications . In Noga Communications Noa established the interactive portal on television and has created an innovative interactive television program for children. Later Noa joined the Interdisciplinary Ceneter in Herzliya  to establish the Media Innovation Lab (miLAB) in the school of Communication. Noa manages the lab as well as teaches BA students how to create innovative technological human centered interactions. Noa's research focuses on the Makers' movement and their use of personal digital fabrication tools.

Vered is a PhD student in the STS program at Bar Ilan university. Her research concerns the forming of psychiatric knowledge and bio-medical technologies, mainly psychotropic medications, and the ways in which these are being experiences and understood in everyday life. The study explores issues relating to the construction of the self in context with relation to the history of psychiatry.


She holds an MA degree in sociology and anthropology from Tel Aviv University. Her thesis looked at the emergence of ethno-class feminism during the early 1990s in HILA - a minority educational organization that works to increase parental participation in education as means to combat inequality. The research explored grassroots strategies to overcome divisions between hostile groups. 

Reut Oron



Doron (Dori) Oryan is a MA/PhD Graduate Program. Science, Technology & Society in the multidisciplinary program at Bar-Ilan University. Doron is the head of Product Design program in the Kibbutzim College of Education and a lecturer in Bezalel” Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem.

Also, Doron is expereinced in design projects, national and international, and his research interests include: Design and society, Data visualization and Design thinking.

Noga Perry hold a B.Sc in Mathematics and Computer Science from Tel-Aviv University.


After graduation, Noga have started to work in high-tech companies. Starting as a software developer and moved during the years to executive management positions in both small companies as well as managing Israeli Sites of big corporates.


Today Noga is involved in few startups as a mentor, advisor and consultant. Noga also mentor and help social business entrepreneurs.

PhD candidate in Science, Technology and Society at Bar-Ilan University.

Her main interests are Brain-Machine Interface and the formation of what she believe is about to be the next technological/social revolution (algorithms, AI and Deep Learning)

Offir Rokach


Iris Shani


David Shishkoff is an environmental engineer, Fascinated by: Bio-inspired engineering, DNA/protein information technology and replication machinery in the cell, Cellular machines in general, Hierarchical teleology in biological systems and the Interactions of scientific and religious worldviews in society and individuals.

David Tobias earned his bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, and a master's degree in business administration from Tel-Aviv University. Also David had attended CIO Leadership program at Insead University.


  • Meta Data Management – A System for Data Administration. June 1989, IEEE Computer Society.

  • Network Management and Control in Banking Environment. October 1994, Guide & Share Europe. 

Ph.D. candidate in Science, Technology and Society at Bar-Ilan University. Or is an international Partnership and Project Manager at the College of Management Academic Studies (COMAS) and a Lecturer in the School of Communications at the College of Management Academic Studies.



MSc in Entrepreneurship and Management program, CUNY Baruch College, Zicklin School of Business New York, 2017-2018


MBA in Strategy, Innovative and Entrepreneurship, The School of Business Administration, The College of Management, 2015-2017


BA in Media, Communication and Management Studies, The School of Media and Communications, The College of Management, 2012-2015

Adir is a Ph.D. candidate who studies the emergence of basketball analytics in the NBA.


He is interested in two interrelated questions:

(1) What were the socio-material conditions that contributed to the rapid rise of NBA analytics


(2) How basketball analytics modified the basketball network and changed long lasting basketball strategies, adjusted coaches’ agency, effected viewers’ experience, and more.

Adir holds Master of Laws from UC Berkeley, Master of Philosophy and Bachelor of Law from Tel-Aviv University.

Yanay Zaguri

Yanay is consultant and expert in training, organizational learning, e-learning, knowledge management and performance improvement. He also focuses on innovation, learning, and groundbreaking learning technology. A recognized thought leader in his field, he speaks to audiences around the world.

Yanay holds an M.A. degree in social psychology from Tel Aviv University and a B.A. degree in psychology. His M.A. thesis studied psychology of deception and he has published additional articles on learning technologies.

With more than 18 years of experience, Yanay works in a number leading positions in the L&D industry, And is a faculty member in the HIT Learning Technology Department.

Yonatan Zelnik is interested and confused by how we measure, feel, and make time. A focal point of this curiosity is the intersection of digital media and rhythm.


Yonatan enjoy picking apart any sort of symbol. Yonatan also play jazz drums. 


Similar to his current academic interests, Yonatan applied his background in computer science across diverse and wide-ranging fields. Yonatan is currently working with the UC Davis Cramer Lab, running molecular dynamics simulations of nitrogenase, an enzyme crucial for biological nitrogen fixation, on NERSC supercomputers.

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