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Avivit Dolev

Avivit Dolev is a PhD student at the Science, Technology and Society program at Bar-Ilan. 

Avivit works with children and youth as a school psychologist in a private clinic. She specializes in depression and anxiety disorders. She has also worked as an economic counsellor for small

businesses and beforehand worked almost a decade as a computer programmer and

system analyst. 

Avivit received her Master of Science (MSc) from the Faculty of education in Science and Technology at the Technion. Her thesis focused on facilitating and deterring factors regarding integration of study and work among students.

She also holds an MA in Social-Occupational-Organizational psychology from Ariel university, BA in

Psychology from Haifa university, and a BA in Management and Economy from the Academic College of Tel Aviv Yaffo .

Avivit Dolev
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