Current Academic Appointments

Assistant Professor, The Neri Bloomfield School of Design, Haifa

  • Teaching BA courses: Introduction to Communications, Business Law

  • Member of the MA steering committee

  • International relations officer

Adjunct Professor, Tel Aviv University

  • Teaching BA courses: Digital Happiness, Philosophy of Technology for Engineers

Lecturer, Interdisciplinary Center Herzelia (IDC)

  • Teaching seminar: Digital Forms of Life



Forthcoming. with Van Den Eede Y. and Irwin S. (eds.) Postphenomenology and Media, Lexington Books.


2016. Translation to Hebrew of Don Ihde's Postphenomenology and Technoscience: The Peking University Lectures (2009), Tel Aviv: Resling.


2015. A Postphenomenological Inquiry of Cell Phones, Lexington Books. 

Articles Published in Peer Review Journals

2015. Ethics in Times of PosthumanismFoundations of Science, 1-4.

2014. The Quasi-Face of the Cell Phone: Rethinking Alterity and ScreensHuman Studies 37(3): 299-316.

2014. Multi-Attention and the Horcrux Logic: Justifications for Talking on the Cell Phone While DrivingTechné: Research in Philosophy and Technology 18(1-2): 48-73.


2013. No Longer a Phone: The Cellphone as an Enabler of Augmented RealityTransfers 3(2): 70-88.

2011. Wall-window-screen: How the cell phone mediates a worldview for usHumanities and Technology Review 30: 77-103.

Book Chapters

Forthcoming. “Social happiness as a cultural value: An analysis of shared values for ecosystem assessment,“ in Cultural Dimensions of Sustainability, ed. Gabriele Rippl, Routledge (forthcoming)

Forthcoming. “Onlife Attention: Attention in the digital age,” in Hyperconnectivity and Digital Reality - Towards the Eutopia of Being Human, ed. Kathrin Otrel-Cass, Springer (forthcoming).

Forthcoming. “From cellphones to machine learning: Does algorithmic writing require a shift in the role of the user?” in Recording Media, ed. Alberto Romele, Amsterdam University Press.

Forthcoming. “I-media-world: The Algorithmic Shift from Hermeneutic Relations to Writing Relations,” In Postphenomenology and Media, ed. Van Den Eede Y., Irwin S., Wellner, G., Lexington Books.

2017. Michelfelder, D., Wiltse, H., Wellner, G., “Gender Studies of Technology,” In Methods for the Ethics of Technology, ed. Hansson, S.O., Lexington Books, pp. 193-218.

2017. “I Love My Bicycle: A Postphenomenological Analysis,” In Bicycles: The Man, the Machine and the Spirit, ed. Hezi Itzhak, Daniel Mishori, Asaf Hazani and Roni Lidor, Ahva, pp. 45-52.

2015. “Linking Patients and their PHRs: From Quasi-Otherness to Augmented Embodiment,” In Techno-Anthropology in Health Informatics: Methodologies for Improving Human-Technology Relations (Studies in Health Technology and Informatics Series), ed. Botin L., Nøhr C., and Bertelsen P., IOS Press, pp. 106-115.

2015. "Historical Variations and the Cellular Age," In Technoscience and Postphenomenology: The Manhattan Papers, Ed. Jan Kyrre Berg Friis, Lexington Books, pp. 39-56.

Other Articles and Chapters

Forthcoming. Co-writer of the “Social Values” chapter in the Israeli National Ecological Assessment (MAARAG)

2015. “Israeli History of Technology in Ten Steps,” The Jerusalem Review 9: 126-141.

Academic Activities

Referee for peer review journals: Transfers, Phenomenology and Cognitive Sciences, Hypatia

Guest Editor at Techné (2015) “Techno-Anthropology” (co-editor)

Guest Editor at Techné 37 (1-2) (2014) “Driving While Celling”

"Augmented Reality," New Mobility Summer School, Pleumeur Boudou (France), September 2011

Organizing Research Consortia, Designing Ecosystems of Life-long Learning for Innovation (DELLI) – COST action (to be submitted on September 2017)

Organizing Academic Conferences

“The Question Concerning Biology: When Technology Meets Biology,” Tel Aviv University, 19-20 December 2016

“ArTecha: Art Meets Technic,” Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, 13 April 2016

“Exposure Session: Maximizing Creativity,” The NB School of Design, 23 November 2015

“Well Being in Digital Media,” International Conference under the auspices of UNESCO, Ben Gurion University of the Negev and the Inter-Disciplinary Center Herzelia, 17-19 February 2015

“Intellectual Property and the Limits of Artistic Freedom Symposium,” The NB School of Design, 23 December 2014

“Postphenomenology, Technology and Philosophy Workshop,” Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, 11 June 2014.


Papers and Presentations as Invited Speaker (Selected)


Ihde-Stiegler Debate, Radboud University in Nijmegen (Netherlands), 11-12 January 2018

“Is celling while driving dangerous? Surprising answers from behavioral economics and philosophy of technology,” Colloquium of IDC (Israel), 6 June 2017

“Social Happiness as a Cultural Value: An Analysis of Shared Values for Ecosystem Assessment”, Cultural Dimensions of Sustainability, Bern (Switzerland), 11 November 2016

“A Postphenomenological Inquiry of Cellular Communication Technologies,” Colloquium of the Technion (Israel), 14 June 2016

Media and Information Literacy for Building Culture of Open Government

(Khanty-Mansiysk, June 6-10, 2016

“Media Literacy and Innovation: From Open Governance to Well-Being,” The International Conference for Media and Information Literacy for Building Culture of Open Governance, Khanty-Mansiysk (Russia), 8 June 2016

“Subjectified Technologies,” Wolf Foundation Summit (Tel Aviv), 30 May 2016

“Attention and Driving: Genealogy of Technologies and practices,” Colloquium of the Cohn Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas (Tel Aviv University), 11 April 2016

“What is Postphenomenology,” The 10th Continental Philosophy Seminar, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 15 January 2016

“From cellphone to Smartphone and beyond,” The Psychology Department, Tel Aviv University, 24 December 2015

“Culture(s), sustainability and well-being,” Ugra Global Expert Meeting on Multilingualism in Cyberspace, Khanty-Mansiysk (Russia), 7 July 2015

“On-line violence, digital empathy,” The 9th Continental Philosophy Seminar, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 26 June 2015

“The Cyborg’s Prosthesis,” 4th Print Screen Festival (Israel), May 2015

“From Foucault’s Panopticon to Deleuze’s Password,” 2nd PPE Conference, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 29 April 2015

“Codes of Subjectivity,” Digital Subject Workshop, University of Dundee (Scotland), 1 April 2015

“Lusky’s Camera Project through the Multistability Lens,” Horizontal Photography Research Workshop, Museum of Bat-Yam (Israel), 25 December 2014

“Multi-Cultures and Well Being,” Yakutsk Third International Conference on Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in Cyberspace, July 2014

"Mobile Media and Art," The 8th Continental Philosophy Seminar, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, March 2014

"Gilbert Simondon and the Ontogenesis of a Work of Art," Lecture at GOODS Symposium, Museum of Bat-Yam, 26 December 2013

 “The cellular phone from Stiegler-ian prism”, Mediated Memories Symposium, University of Glasgow (UK), January 2010

Conference Papers (Selected)

“Writing Realtions” ISPHS, Raanana (Israel), 4 April 2017

“AR gaming: as a tool to promote peace in the Middle East?” SPM, Brussels (Belgium), March 2017

“Postphenomenology of Augmented Reality,” The Question Concerning Biology and Technology, Tel Aviv University, 20 December 2016

“Genealogies of Gaming,” The International Symposium for Phenomenology, Perugia (Italy), 8 July 2016

“Multi multi-stabilities,” 4S, Denver (USA), November 2015

“Environmental Well-Being for Peace Building,” ISEEQS (Jerusalem), October 2015 (with Dr. Dimitrios Zikos)

“Do animals have technologies?” SEP-FEP, Dundee (Scotland), September 2015

 “The cellular Age,” ICOHTEC, Tel Aviv (Israel), August 2015

“Environmental Well Being,” Culture(s) in Sustainable Futures: Theories, Policies, Practices, Helsinki (Finland), May 2015

"Thinking like a Girl," CEPE and ETHICOMP Joint Conference Day: Celebrating Women from computer ethics to information ethics, Paris (France), June 2014 (with Prof. Diane Michelfelder and Dr. Heather Wiltse)

“Wearable technologies: Can a Cyborg Change its Skin?” Oh-Man, Oh Machine: the Politics and Aesthetics and Posthumanism, Tel Aviv (Israel), May 2014 (With Zivia Kay)

"Fractality and Mobile Media," Society for Phenomenology and Media, Freiburg (Germany), March 2014

"Augmented textile," ISPHS, Jerusalem (Israel), December 2013 (With Zivia Kay)

"The Mechanization of Perception," 4S, San Diego (USA), October 2013

"Fractality, the human and the technological," SPT, Lisbon (Portugal) July 2013

"Becoming Mobile: the co-construction of cellphones and users," 4S EASST, Copenhagen (Denmark) October 2012

"Histories of the future: The Cellular Age", Ihdefest, New York (USA), May 2012

"Tool-Machine-Digital", The 15th Annual Conference of the Israeli Philosophy Association (IPA), Haifa (Israel), February 2012

"Quasi‐other, Quasi‐face: Rethinking Alterity and Screens", 4S, Cleveland (USA), November 2011

"Attention!", SPEP/SPHS, Philadelphia (USA), October 2011

 “Wall-Window-Screen”, ISPHS, Jerusalem (Israel), May 2011

“Cellular phone – Postphenomenological Analysis”, SPEP/SPHS, Montreal (Canada), November 2010

“Technological Tendency, Innovation and the Remote Control”, EASST, Ternto (Italy), September 2010

“Cellular Phone as Memory Prostheses”, ISPHS, Jerusalem (Israel), May 2010

"Is Google Making Us Stupid - Possible Replies by Bourdieu and Butler", 4S, Washington DC (USA), November 2009

“Sociology of hi technology”, ISPHS, Jerusalem (Israel), March 2008




PhD 2007-2014 Bar Ilan University - STS program                

  • Dissertation's title: “Technics and Subjectivity: Case Studies of 21st century Technologies.”

  • Advisors: Prof. Don Ihde (State University New York), Dr. Lyat Friedman (Bar Ilan Uni.)

LLM 1994-1998 Tel Aviv University – Faculty of Law             

  • Master Thesis on Intellectual Property Law and Unfair Competition (advisor: Prof. Daniel Friedman)

LLB 1988-1992 Tel Aviv University – Faculty of Law             

  • 3rd year Dean’s list

Programming, System Design 1985-1986 Israeli Defense Forces - Mamram


Non-Academic Professional Experience

Consultant 2010-2013                  

Founder & CEO 2008-2009 Enter10U (start up)

Board Member 2008-2009 FTTH Council Europe

  • Member of the regulatory and policy committee, founding member of the sustainability committee (2005-2009)

  • Vice chair of the regulatory and policy committee (2007-2008)

Director Strategic Marketing 1999 – 2008 ECI Telecom

  • Started as a product manager of a new telecommunication system under development

  • Promoted to be in charge of subsidiary's marketing communication activities; Managing a team of 3 people and ~$3m yearly budget (ave.)

  • Later, at ECI’s corporate, research & analysis; Management & Board of Directors updates; Representing ECI at the FTTH Council Europe

VP Licensing and Business Development 1995 – 1999 Capella Computers Ltd. (start up)                 

  • Initiating joint ventures, locating strategic partners & distributors world-wide

  • Negotiation & drafting of int'l distribution, joint venture agreements, total of $10m

  • Leading company's participation in EC’s Framework Programmes; Chief Scientist


Lawyer 1992-1995 Law Offices                                                    

  • Intellectual Property litigation (IPR); General litigation; legal documents drafting


Programmer & Project Management Officer 1986-1991 Israeli Air Force                                             

  • Real time programming; Member of a team winning IAF Commander's Prize

  • Performing feasibility studies for CAD/CAM, digital archives, technical guides


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