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May 21, 2017: Professor David Ribes (University of Washington) - The Interoperability Infrastructure

Across the sciences, in virtually every domain, today we will find organizations tasked not with the generation of new data, but with the combination of multiple old datasets: these are the data interoperability research infrastructures. This presentation will focus on an ecology of AIDS research, outlining first, a series of data and specimen generating cohort studies, and then, a series of organizations that integrate across these cohorts. These interoperability infrastructures generate no data of their own, instead they ingest those of the others and repackage those integrated data for new scientific investigations. At the intersection of data generating and data ingesting organizations there is a great deal at stake, such as the ownership and valuation of data, the epistemic consequences of integration, and the downstream repurposings of those new interoperated materials. Though this talk begins with AIDS research, it does not end there, as these data find new purposes well beyond the intents of their generation.

Sunday, May 21st, 2017, 18:00, Building 502, Room 43.

For more details please phone 03-5317756 or e-mail

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